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2011 2011 30/09/10
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Windows Live Messenger 2011 2011 30/09/10 Free English
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The new Windows Live Messenger, more social than ever

Elena Santos

Review last updated: 08/04/13

  • Great social features
  • Highly customizable
  • Tabbed conversations
  • New emoticons
  • No support for Windows XP
  • Twitter is not included among supported services


I absolutely hate this version of MSN Messenger. It is completely changed, and nothing like it used to be. This 'What's new' feed is basically garbage and I have no use for it. I switched back to compact view and found things a tad similar to the old messenger. I hate the option of setting up your Facebook or whatever nonsense to the What's new feed, as I wish to have these programs completely separate. I am not able to change my picture, or sometimes even get online. I am also not always able to open conversations.. I will get an error message saying that I am not able to. Despite reinstalling and trying this program over and over again, I am still not pleased and wish I never installed it.

I'm continuing my cons her considering that box below was not big enough.

- Very slim pickings for personalization.

- You cannot easily block contacts.

- The layout displays a bigger sized 'What's new' box then your contacts list when you are not in compact view.

  • - In the compact view, your contact list will be displayed screen wide (horizontally) and will take up the entire window, unlike the other versions of messenger that just display a list of your contacts one after the other in vertical form.
  • - There is all new emoticons. They added some more as well.
  • - For those who wish to combine their activities, they can add things like Facebook to their MSN.
  • - Many glitches such as not being able to sign in at all times, start conversations, or change your display picture.
  • - The layout is a complete change and isn't very clear to those who don't use computers often as to how to use it and what to do.
  • - During the log in process, you cannot make the window full screen.
  • - The 'What's new' feed is a waste.
  • - This download replaces your current download of MSN Messenger.
  • - You have to use your name as your display name.
  • - You basically cannot use Live Plus!

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24 Dec 2010

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