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2011 2011 30/09/10
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Windows Live Messenger 2011 2011 30/09/10 Free English
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The new Windows Live Messenger, more social than ever

Elena Santos

Review last updated: 08/04/13

  • Great social features
  • Highly customizable
  • Tabbed conversations
  • New emoticons
  • No support for Windows XP
  • Twitter is not included among supported services

"Worst Messenger Experience EVER!"

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I downloaded WLM 2011 last night after my regular MSN 2009 stopped allowing me to send webcam alone. I was in for a nasty surprise when I discovered that everything had changed.

1. the What's New listings are the first thing that you see, with your online contacts squished into the top right corner [I discovered that you can use compact view to eliminate the What's New list, and to see your full contact list.] Now I hate the what's new feature; it's inconvenient, and I don't want to know who is saying what to who, [especially if it means that I find out things I would rather not know.]

2. I discovered that there is no way to send one way video; it's either a video call, or a voice call; no other options. [which is the whole reason why I downloaded a new version in the first place; I thought the old one had an unfixed bug that the newest version should have corrected - boy was I wrong!]

3. The emoticons are all different. [I don't mind too much, some of the new ones are rather cute.]

4. The Video feed takes up the whole screen - which isn't very subtle.

I could go on for hours about all the things I don't like. I uninstalled it this morning, and reinstalled 2009 - needless to say now the option to 'send webcam' has gone completely and if you click on the camera icon by your display picture it starts a video call immediately. [which i really hate!]

  • You can choose to appear offline to certain contacts.
  • I like the design, some things seemed sleeker.
  • I liked the new emotes; but I would rather they let us choose which ones to use; or include both sets; the old and the new.
  • I hate the fact that you can't have a nickname; everything is done in your full name; I always like changing things up every so often depending on my general mood; I NEVER use my real name [unless I have a reason to]
  • I hate the fact that you can't send webcam on its own.
  • I hate the 'What's New' feed in it's entirety. [and i would really like for the whole profile/spaces/etc to be optional. I wish there was a way to just keep MSN solely as a messaging client; none of the rest of it; it is pointless and annoying. I mean if you have a bunch of people on your contact list it generally means that they are your friends; so why have them on your profile under 'friends'? it makes no sense to me. I would like to have some things private. [and yeah i know you can alter your privacy settings; I am just against the whole idea.]
  • I miss the old messenger.

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21 Nov 2010

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