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New features in Windows Live Messenger 2010

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New features in Windows Live Messenger 2010 by

Microsoft has finally released the long-awaited Windows Live Messenger 2010. Though still development, this early beta is a good way to see what’s new in the latest version of the most popular IM client in the world.

The main window in Live Messenger now includes a Social area, where you can share photos and links, post short messages and check what your friends have been up to. Thanks to the integration with Facebook, you can check new entries on your wall, including photos and videos, righr from Live Messenger.

Inside the Friends section, you’ll be able to manage your contacts: display them in several ways, add them to Favorites and organize them in groups or categories.

If you still prefer the classic contact list, you can switch to the Contacts mode by clicking on this button here. The Compact interface mode displays the old-style contact list, with the contact management options on top of the window.

As for the chat window, you get pretty much the same options as previous versions: file sharing, voice chat, emotions and nudges, as well as various online games and activities.

The main new feature though is the support for tabs. Now you can have more than one chat opened in the same window.

In all, Windows Live Messenger 2010 includes few changes from previous versions, besides a slightly redesigned interface and integration with social networks. We hope to get more exciting new features in future releases.

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